We run two types of educational activities: Nursery School or Balwadi and, Free tuitions.

Little Lamps School :
For a nominal fee, children of the slum, age 2-5 years, go through 5-day-week training in play school and, pre-school curriculum, under the supervision of trained teachers.

We intend to deliver, nutritional supplements for the under nourished children who need dietary assistance for a healthy growth of the body. However, our current budget does not support this activity.

Admission to school in progress

Educational counseling for women. Swami Tatvarupananda of Ramakrishna Math, Khar, is in the picture.

Free Private Tuitions :
We provide free educational and instructional support through trained teachers for children who attend 'public' schools run by the municipality. We have noticed that children through personal training and instructional support grasp and understand their classroom work better. Also, public schools don't have the wherewithal to provide personalized instructional support.

Library and Reading room :
We have started library and reading room facility. Though a modest beginning, our collection of books has crossed 300, and includes books, picture books, and comics, in English, Hindi and Marathi.